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New databases for Polish version of InstalSystem 4 software are available - SiTech + internal sewage system
New databases for Austrian and German version of InstalSystem 5 software are available. More information can be found here
New software version of InstalSystem 5 package in Austrian version is available. More information can be found here
New software version of InstalSystem 5 package in Ukrainian version is available. More information can be found here
New software version of InstalSystem 5 package in Polish version is available. More information can be found here
New software version of InstalSystem 5 package in Chinese version is available. More information can be found here.

For some time already, we have been reducing our activity concerning the InstalSystem 4 package. The new generation of our product – InstalSystem 5 – is becoming more and more elaborated, has got a still growing number of users, and it is getting acknowledged by the market. For these reasons, changes regarding version 4 have stepped up – at the turn of March and April 2020, the final general update for version 4 has been released.

This means that modifications of catalogue products performed via InstalSystem package updates, will be available only in the new version 5. It does not concern, however, catalogues which are not supported by version 5 yet (e.g. sewage systems) – in their case, all necessary modifications will still be released for version 4. All InstalSystem 4 software packages may still be used and will have access to the catalogue range as released with the last general update. 

On this occasion, we would like to remind you that upgrade to version 5, granted for a given InstalSystem 4 package licence, gives you possibility to work with version 5 while maintaining possibility of further use of version 4! For such a reason, we strongly encourage you to begin working with InstalSystem 5 and to introduce yourself into the newest generation while continuously working with version 4 in cases, in which it is necessary or more convenient. We are convinced that after having known better all InstalSystem 5 functionalities, you will use no program but ours!

Due to the current epidemiologic situation, part of the InstalSoft team is constrained to stay at home. This situation may tamper contact with our Technical Support Team and lengthen response time. For this reason, we are kindly asking you to issue all questions or problems via mail or via Error Report in the program Package Manager.

Present situation may also result in limited amount of presentations / trainings for designers organised by our Customers; therefore, we would like to remind you that:

  • our YouTube channel allows you to watch webinar presenting all basic InstalSystem 5 designing functionalities – click
  • our HelpSystem platform allows you to find various types of information on package functionalities and on how to deal with problems which may be encountered while working with the package.
  • In the meanwhile, we inform you that contact with your Account Managers should run as usual (please, contact by e-mail or mobile phone numbers).

    We wish you all the best in the upcoming time, and we hope that the situation will get back to normal as soon as possible.


    Some time ago, we have informed you about limitation of InstalSystem 4 update frequency and its gradual replacement with the InstalSystem 5 package. The time has come to make another step, that is to say to release the final general update of the InstalSystem 4 package. As for today, we are planning to publish the last update at the end of March 2020.

    Lack of new updates does not mean that there will be no further possibility to work with the InstalSystem 4 package. It will still be possible to use the package in the state rendered with the aforementioned, final update. On this occasion, we would also like to emphasize that upgrade of a licence from version 4 to version 5 grants access to version 5 while maintaining possibility to use version 4 at the same time!

    Catalogues available in the InstalSystem 4 packages are also available in the InstalSystem 5 packages, so you will still have access to fully updated catalogues, and it will be possible to deliver them to the designers on the market. Further updates and amendments for catalogues which are not supported yet by version 5 (e.g. sewage systems) will be released for version 4 until InstalSystem 5 is ready to operate them.

    We are truly convinced that after you get to know all the InstalSystem 5 possibilities, you will want to use no program but ours!

    We encourage you to have a look at our training materials:

    • 20th anniversary of our company
    • more than 220 development demands executed
    • 3 new modules: Tap water systems, Tap water extensions and Flat stations
    • 60 new InstalSystem 5 package configurations – dedicated to various partners and markets
    • 5 new market versions, currently InstalSystem 5 is available in 24 market versions!
    • 12 InstalSmart mobile app market versions
    • about 1000, InstalSystem 5 licences for all 24 market licences
    • about 2000 technical enquiries regarding InstalSystem 5 served by our Support Department
    • more than 70 training courses, on-line presentations and webinars
    • 70 HelpSystem articles already, in a growing number of languages

      We are hoping that 2020 will allow us to develop further our co-work and that all advantages and satisfaction from using InstalSystem 5 will be experienced by a still growing amount of users!
    InstalSoft team

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