InstalSoft Global

  • 20th anniversary of our company
  • more than 220 development demands executed
  • 3 new modules: Tap water systems, Tap water extensions and Flat stations
  • 60 new InstalSystem 5 package configurations – dedicated to various partners and markets
  • 5 new market versions, currently InstalSystem 5 is available in 24 market versions!
  • 12 InstalSmart mobile app market versions
  • about 1000, InstalSystem 5 licences for all 24 market licences
  • about 2000 technical enquiries regarding InstalSystem 5 served by our Support Department
  • more than 70 training courses, on-line presentations and webinars
  • 70 HelpSystem articles already, in a growing number of languages

    We are hoping that 2020 will allow us to develop further our co-work and that all advantages and satisfaction from using InstalSystem 5 will be experienced by a still growing amount of users!
InstalSoft team

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