InstalSoft Global

Cooperation on Polish market Poland

Databases maintained in programs:
  • steel panel and column Brugman radiators,
  • upright and canal Brugman and Vasco convectors
  • bathroom and decorative Vasco radiators
  • Vasco valves.
InstalSystem package in company customized version
  • Name: InstalSystem-Vasco PL
  • Scope of modules: Instal-therm 4 H, Instal-heat&energy 4 (with CE/PN-EN 13790), Scan combine tool, Package manage
  • Configuration: Brugman and Vasco radiators, pipe systems and valves - full range.
Radiator sizing software
  • Vasco - Dobór grzejników. Click to download the software.

Vasco Group Sp. z o.o.

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